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About Us

The Institution of Environmentalists (IEnv) is a Learned Society of Sustainable Development in the world.

The Institution of Environmentalists relies substantially on the active support and involvement of our members in order to achieve our goals and objectives and to be able to provide technical and professional development support for our members.

The Institution is an inclusive industry association keen to welcome members including those professionals from other fields of engineering and the natural and social sciences working towards environmental sustainability.

The objectives of the Institution are to:

  • promote professional ethics through adherence to the Environmental Principles for professionals.
  • promote international excellence in the practice of environmental protection, promote participation in, and contribution to, activities of the Institution.
  • provide, at the international level, the focus and co-ordination mechanism for professional Institution matters, policy formation, and communications.
  • facilitate linkages at the international level, enabling members to benefit from international exchanges in matters concerning sustainable development.
  • provide a focus and coordinating mechanism for professional Institution functions concerning research, education, and information dissemination in sustainable development.
  • facilitate active participation from other professions communicate knowledge about sustainable development with, and to promote collaboration between, members, organizations and other societies.
  • provide expert advice to the Institution, Government, industry and the community set guidelines and standards for incorporation of sustainability principles into education and professional practice.
  • Influence community, corporate and regulatory attitudes and practices in relation to sustainability.

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