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IEnv Membership Briefing Sessions

Considering upgrading your IEnv Membership?

Would you like to learn more about the application and interview process?

Find out more by attending our Membership and Registration Briefing sessions held year round. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to discuss your application with IEnv staff and registered interviewers.

For more information please contact the Chair of M&PS at membership@ienv.org.hk

About the Session

The session will encompass all grades of membership and Registration with the registration at the Certified Environmentalist (CertEnv), Certified Environmental Officer (CEnvO), Certified Environmental Supervisor (CEnvS) level.

During the session, information is provided on a wide range of subjects related to membership applications, including:

  • IEnv Membership Requirements and Routes.
  • IEnv Registration Requirements and Routes.
  • The application process.
  • How to prepare the Professional Review Report.
  • Using the Competence Criteria to identify main competence areas.
  • The Professional Review and Competence Review; how to prepare and what to expect from the interview.






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